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Message from Jeff Booke and Michael Devonshire

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With Spirit and Intent

Navigating our second year of the pandemic with intermittent facility closures, restricted service offerings and everything in between, challenged us all. With our guiding light of strong values and focused direction, the LPSS Board of Directors, employees, Sport Partners, members and guests managed to create an atmosphere that saw high employee satisfaction scores, a steady return of membership numbers and greater participation in programs and services.


Although the environment of COVID-19 presented many challenges, the LPSS team was led by the principles of following the spirit and intent of the Orders issued by the Provincial and Municipal governments, and the Health Authorities, while maximizing opportunities for stakeholders in a safe environment. This focus allowed for swift and consistent decision making that facilitated many accomplishments despite another very challenging year.

Working in partnership, the Board of Governors and employee team delivered a new strategic plan, secured municipal funding to expand aquatic leisure facilities, advanced a new Naming Partnership opportunity, realized high employee satisfaction levels, grew membership, delivered strong financial performance and continued to focus on safety for all stakeholders.


We could not have accomplished this without our dedicated team of employees, sport partners, members, tenants, the City of Calgary and other stakeholders. We are grateful to have such great partners who support, guide and reinforce all we do.


We continue to move with spirit and intent as we emerge into a new year and exciting times for our organization and community.


Thank you,


Michael Devonshire                              Jeff Booke

LPSS Board Chair                                   Repsol Sport Centre CEO

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