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Creating a safe environment for our customers and employees was our number one priority. It is beyond compromise and we are responsible to ensure everyone is protected.

Safety is a core value at Repsol Sport Centre (RSC). We pride ourselves in maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for every employee and guest.

Preparing the Facility for Re-opening

The facility re-opened in late June 2021. With many stops and starts during the entirety of the pandemic, the RSC team became very adept at preparing the facility and adjusting the business model to align to the spirit and intent of the public health orders and restrictions. Significant health and safety steps were taken for the opening in June 2021 including but not limited to:


  • Implemented Government of Alberta Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) including set up of new vaccination verification stations; 

  • Partnered with Techshare to implement new Avocado point of sale solution coding to accommodate the REP; 

  • Updated Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) for each area in the facility; 

  • Ensured equipment was spaced according to legislative standards; 

  • Created new signage; 

  • Trained staff on the REP COVID-19 protocols; 

  • Updated the rapid response plan; 

  • Continued to create awareness regarding the mask policy; and 

  • Continued with monthly Safety Talks.

COVID -19 Rapid Response Plan 

RSC’s rapid response plan was initially created in 2020 as a tool for Directors, Managers and staff to use when responding to cases of COVID-19 for anyone entering the facility. The rapid response plan has been revised many times to reflect the changing guidelines and restrictions handed down by the Alberta Provincial and City of Calgary Municipal governments.  


Focus for 2021 

In 2021 we continued to be laser focused on keeping our facility safe and free from COVID-19. This has continued into 2022.  In 2022 our other focus continues to be to look for ways to reduce the risk of workplace injury or illness from hazardous conditions encountered in the workplace. We also hope to increase proactive safety reporting from all employees. 2022 goals and objectives will be formalized in Q1 2022.

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